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If Christmas was run by Durbanites- Desi/Char Edition

As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas (being from a different religious background), I’m still a big fan of all the traditional festivities associated with it. Jingle bells, gingerbread and my favourite- Christmassy lights err’where! Apart from these norms seen and heard in my local shopping malls, my only exposure to a typical Christmas day is… Continue reading If Christmas was run by Durbanites- Desi/Char Edition

Christmas Celebrations

Celebrate Christmas the alternate way..

Hi there. This is an official, warm welcome to the Christmas season. I suppose you are here because you celebrate Christmas, but if you are not - pretend we are speaking about Sabbath or Eid-ul-Fitr. As someone who does not celebrate Christmas, I cannot champion about the true meaning of Christmas. However, the fundamentals of… Continue reading Celebrate Christmas the alternate way..