‘Dating’ in the 21st century..

As millenials, we may share genetics with the older generation, but that may be just about it. One could say that modern day relationships now belong in cyber space- suspended. The fundamentals of courting use to be about personal interrelations- meaning body language and communication. The new generation of speed daters pick up prospective mates… Continue reading ‘Dating’ in the 21st century..

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An open letter to the President

  Dear Mr President. Firstly, congratulations on winning a long road of striving to fight for what is right. As a large chunk of the country celebrates your win, as the currency of our country celebrates with you. Winning by a mm or cm is still winning. The people of the ANC have entrusted you… Continue reading An open letter to the President

Christmas Celebrations

Celebrate Christmas the alternate way..

Hi there. This is an official, warm welcome to the Christmas season. I suppose you are here because you celebrate Christmas, but if you are not - pretend we are speaking about Sabbath or Eid-ul-Fitr. As someone who does not celebrate Christmas, I cannot champion about the true meaning of Christmas. However, the fundamentals of… Continue reading Celebrate Christmas the alternate way..

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Smoking a cigarette: a flame at one end, and a fool at the other.

Allow me to explain what being a smoker feels like; Imagine you're opening a tap, and you dip your finger into the stream. A glass is filled with crystal clear water. To the touch, the water is cold, but on your tongue, the water is foreign. It is not quenching or sustaining anything but your… Continue reading Smoking a cigarette: a flame at one end, and a fool at the other.

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You know your mum is Brown, when…

Brown mothers are a rare species of eccentric. I say species, because they are an exclusive type of humans who can never be re-created. It must be noted, that while we do believe brown mothers always have good intentions behind their actions, their execution may fall short in some aspects. So without further ado, I… Continue reading You know your mum is Brown, when…