About Us

Media shapes our perception of the world around us.

What if the news brought to you stories of people who come from the same background as you do? The intelligent, active, aware and emotional being that is the brown girl.
We don’t live in a POC led world – we were taught that whiteness is the norm, but this is changing, and we are part of that change.

We are the ones who listen for the voices of the brown girls and the minorities, and turn the volume up to give their voices more power.

As the Brown Girls society, we bring to you the world through the eyes of the game-changing brown girls, on every continent. We aim feature fresh, fun and authentic content to provide the viewer with the best of being a brown girl. The purpose of Brown Girls Society is to form a media narrative relating to the world of the brown girl.

While our content is aesthetic, we maintain that it is content of substance. All content is aimed to reflect culture in relation to POC lifestyles, bearing particular attention to the interests and issues of brown girls, worldwide.

About our writers:

Husnaa Kajee

Husnaa is talented in many ways, but she holds her ability to eat an entire pot of popcorn in a single sitting as her highest achievement.
She is sometimes regarded as an indian mlungu, and sometimes, a FOB.
In actual fact, she’s not even sure that she’s a real person at all.

Photo 2017-06-27, 11 51 43 AMShahnaaz Naby

Shahnaaz lost her way along the road to discovery, when she came to the realisation that she is too many people. Asking her to describe herself will make her anxiety kick in.
She likes grooming her cat, KFC meal options, and waiting at airports.
Long walks on the beach and responsibilities will make her tired; she will most likely blame this on a self-diagnosed illness. People like her, and she will always like you.
She will often ask detailed questions about your life.
Shahnaaz isn’t being nosy. She just wants to learn and appreciate everything.

Sauda Haffejee

Sauda is an eccentric, passionate journalist who is driven by the energy of a thousand grains of sand falling together. She looks deep into social ills, until she have an understanding that allows more than just discussion, but rather, solutions. Sauda lives by the Justice of Youth, allowing every individual the respect they deserve.
She is a lover of poetry, aniseed, cats, and sleeping.