‘Dating’ in the 21st century..

As millenials, we may share genetics with the older generation,
but that may be just about it.

One could say that modern day relationships now belong in cyber space- suspended. The fundamentals of courting use to be about personal interrelations- meaning body language and communication.

The new generation of speed daters pick up prospective mates the same way guys would probably pick up prostitutes in the 90’s.
As if it were a business deal and there was no option to say no.

Welcome to the 21st century. If both parties fancy each other, numbers are exchanged and the relationship may exist primarily online. There is also catfishing, where one meets their love interest online and professes explicit love before realizing that he or she may just be fallacy.

The older generation will never quite understand how a blue tick and no reply can end a relationship altogether. In fact, my grandmother does not understand what a blue tick is, nevermind its implications. Dating in the 21st century has less to do with imagination and more to do with assumptions. So much so that we may have to ditch the term ‘dating’ altogether.

Communication may just be the single most important tool in relationship building- talking. And when it comes to communication, the youth read deeply into the signs that the internet tells. Likes, comments, texts and phone calls are the new primary form of communication.

In the olden days, two lovers, planning to meet ends in an unfortunate turn of events when one meets in an accident and cannot contact their lover. New age adults deliberately don’t respond to calls when there is a scheduled meeting and the sadness belongs in the pride of not wanting to seem.. too keen.

So, let’s just clarify something- texting is not a valid form of communication.
Texting is a form of relationship breakdown, it merely substantiates real-life interaction.

With the rise of social anxiety, it is increasingly difficult to feel confident about meeting single young individuals. Communication levels cannot be perfect, but we can try to at least institutionalize a framework for it.

Here are some (unofficial) thoughts about communication;
Texting makes use of 20% of our communicative techniques, in that only 20% of our true intentions are conveyed.
Essentially, the other 80% is up for delusional interpretation. And, oh what can come of that?

The other 80% is split up into 20% body language and 60% tone and expression. The only form of tone and expression we are conveying over text is emoticons. 60% of  our intention is conveyed via the emoticon of choice. Adultier adults find emoticons quite amusing, but what they don’t realize is that a red heart is very different to a yellow heart. The in-love face is very romantic and thinking face is never redundant after a hmm.

Emoticons are like full stops, but full stops that can turn the sentence around to mean a whole new thing. Chances are the sentence will take a whole new tone based on the emoticon of choice, whether it be a laughing face or a smiley. In fact, when people text without emoticons, it’s considered odd. We are one emoticon away from feeling in emoticons. What do ya think about that?

Essentially, 21st-century adults may be one person away from being a spinster, and we wonder if all adultier adults, perhaps from the 80’s or 90’s felt any similar before they met the right person..

Until we meet again, love from Sauda.

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