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Magic Bean Foundation- Helping the environment by empowering women!

This morning I spent some time with the Magic Bean Foundation at their pop-up store currently situated on the ground floor in La lucia mall. If you haven’t heard of them yet, I’m here to fill you in!

They are a non-profit organisation that trains women from the community to utilise recyclable materials and turn them into practical and reusable items. These items range from bags and hats to table mats and pot holders (and many more!). I went for the unconventional idea and purchased a little stationery holder to store my makeup brushes! Do we think this is cute?

Photo 2018-02-01, 18 24 53

What I love about the organisation is that it aims towards creating a cleaner planet by using materials that would otherwise end up on our streets and oceans, whilst empowering unemployed women from the community by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to use these items and turn them into beautifully handmade South African influenced creations! These items are made through the art of crochet using plastic packets donated by the community. So if you have any clean packets lying around…this would be the best way to dispose of them!

You can find the Magic Bean Foundation at various pop ups and markets throughout the year. The organisation is managed by Shelley Stievenart & Lorraine Evans, and if you would like to find out more about the MBF, keep up with future projects and products, and should you have any contributions or would like to collect and donate plastic packets for the cause, contact them via any of their social media platforms or from the contact information provided below. The Brown Girl Society LOVES this kind of female empowerment and looks forward to seeing great things from The Magic Bean Foundation. Yay for the earth! Yay for humanity!


Contact Magic Bean Foundation:



Lorraine: 083 2844 899

FB: Magic Bean Foundation

IG: @magicbeanfoundation

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