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An open letter to the President


Dear Mr President.

Firstly, congratulations on winning a long road of striving to fight for what is right. As a large chunk of the country celebrates your win, as the currency of our country celebrates with you. Winning by a mm or cm is still winning. The people of the ANC have entrusted you with the one thing that is important to them, their democratic right.

You have inherited an unfortunate situation where the majority of the country are disenchanted by the ideologies of freedom and democracy, disenchanted by the lack of service delivery in the country, disenchanted by the enormous amounts of corruption.

As a president of a country (hopefully)and a party that is by very definition of its mandate the epitome of democracy and the people’s party we have lost hope as a country in the state of affairs. The shoes of this role are large Mr President and I have no doubt that you will fulfill them.

As a man with a plethora of accolades under your belt that has displayed your leadership and tenacity in business and public matters, you are a president that not just the ANC has voted for yesterday but you are also the president that the country has voted for as we entrust our democratic right to the comrades of the ANC.

There will be a million of things that will be said against you, perhaps we are assuming that you are our savior and that you can pull this country out of all the wrongs that it has gone through in the last 20 years. Most notably in the last 10 years. As a country we have entrusted people time and time again to fix us, that promised us the world and continuously broke our hearts.

We need you to realize that you have had 52 years to make a lot of Ching Ching. And you have done so well Mr President, you are a beacon of light to millions of South Africans who need this chance, the chance to make their life’s successful by whatever measures it takes.

These measures need to be taken by the government of this country:

We need you to get rid of corruption to your maximum, we need you to be a firm leader who says no to corruption and no to nepotism. We need you to fight for us, fight for our land, fight for our children’s future.

We need you to make our economy grow by more than one percent, because we are a thriving economy if we just do it right, we are people that are made up of a large number of skills and hard working people who strive for everything to put food on the table at night.

We need you to ensure that the people who matter are given education, that they aren’t anymore public humiliations of all our education systems. We need you to believe in His Honorable Nelson Mandela’s words: that education is the best weapon to change the world- our children deserve this weapon. Because they are so so talented. Afford them a chance to life.

We need you to ensure that our employment rate rises in this country, that all measures are taken to ensure that our people are hired, that they are empowered enough to be the best candidates. We need you to work with private and public sector in unison, to ensure that we have an economic transformation.

The list of all that we need you to fix and be our knight in shining armor is long and I’m afraid this would be more of a short story than a letter if I had to continue.

But most of all we need you to remain tenacious, against all the odds that are against you and all that will be set against you.

We need you to remember the reasons of why you stood by Nelson Mandela and why you stood by the country, because a man like you could have left us for another country but you have never and please don’t leave us now.

You are the president of all of us, you are the voice of all of us, please make our voices heard.

Good Luck Mr President, our prayers are with you as you walk this journey.

Yours sincerely

There may be some work to do…


Nasiha Soomar is a 26 year old who has her honors in International Relations and Politics. Her inspiration for this piece is to ì a South Africa that is respectful of leaders and compatriots.

“[We cannot] paint a picture that is only filled with criticism, [it] doesn’t motivate anyone to make a difference or empower change, it just further fuels the vicious cycle of prejudice.”

– Love always, Sauda


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