Christmas Celebrations

Celebrate Christmas the alternate way..

Hi there. This is an official, warm welcome to the Christmas season. I suppose you are here because you celebrate Christmas, but if you are not – pretend we are speaking about Sabbath or Eid-ul-Fitr. As someone who does not celebrate Christmas, I cannot champion about the true meaning of Christmas. However, the fundamentals of any religious celebration remains the same.

Christmas happens to be a season of splendour, surprises, and love. In the fear of this turning into a who-can-buy-the-best-gift competition, TBGS has compiled a few pointers on how to host and be apart of a humble celebration. A celebration that is cost effective – and don’t we all love having money past new years.

1. Wear minimal make-up

The festive season is one of sweaty, make-up filled pores. Ke Desemba is either spent lounging around in sweats eating junk food, or out at the mall-sporting your most glam make-up. Either way, the fast paced holiday season could take control of our health. A few days before Christmas, begin by wearing less make up and making a natural face mask every night with yogurt, turmeric, and corn flour. As Christmas approaches, you will be all ready for a no-make up day – so comfortable in your natural skin. One can only hope that we can be our most authentic selves during auspicious celebrations.

2.  Give gifts of affection

Around the Christmas season, some gifts are on sale. But, some gifts become incredibly expensive. Sometimes, our spending supersedes our budget and we end up buying on credit. It is important for us to only give within our means. If it means re-purposing a gift, or making a cute card – do it. In a world of capitalism, time is more valuable than money. Try giving your friends and family hug vouchers or a snazzy packet of their favorite sherbet. It is possible to be thrifty too, hit up the thrift shops. My favorite in Durban is Saint Giles in South Beach, Addington, right opposite Addington Primary School.

3. Let food not be a fuss of the day

This is, indeed a very important part of the Christmas cheer. If the meal must be grand, ensure that everyone gets involved. But, what if it causes a few individuals a bit more stress than necessary. In this case, vote for a simple dinner! A dinner that includes one course, something wholesome but fulling. There is, possibly, no need to burden anyone with the task of cooking. In which case, call the take-out guy. I think MY Diners serves a mean Butter chicken.

4. Wear something that you already own

Spending money on a whole new outfit is a sure way to waste money. You may never wear this outfit again or maybe the do doesn’t do you as well after the festive season has fed you well. Rather, find something old, but surely grand, in your wardrobe and make it yours again. There are hidden gems in your mothers cupboard and your cousins – now is the perfect time to borrow a dress. Better yet, adapt something by sewing or cutting. Wear an item of clothing that has more meaning that just the average store bought dress. It shouldn’t only make you feel beautiful, it should also make you feel appreciated.

5. Make an eco-friendly Christmas tree

It is important for us to be at peace with Earth and it’s offspring. Be at one with the trees you may be destroying for a tradition of beauty. There are ways in which we can small scale our Christmas decorations. By and large, the decorating is a bit on the costly side. So, let’s think about how we can celebrate in a restrained way. Perhaps, a miniature wooden tree, constructed by yourself. Or one of Suzelles’ DIY’s that is undoubtedly unique (How to Arty your Party: ) Suzelle has a way of making everything lighthearted. Check it ^ out for a little inspiration.

We happen to celebrate Ke Desemba the summer way. And so, let us incorporate some summer vibes for inspiration;

f87cef90cfc6d4a5fdab42397c503341 (1)
This is a sandman
and this is a Christmas tree made out of a pineapple. It is as simple as that.

6. Get your henna done

Everybody loves to feel lavish on a special celebration, and the go-to choice of item is sterling silver and pearls. There is a cost effective but just as special substitute, and that is some henna designs. Henna is not a religious thing. It is a cultural thing. If you are Indian, you could enjoy it as a Christian. And, if you are black, you could enjoy white henna. It is best applied a few days prior to the celebration for the ultimate color pay-off. I can recommend to you my cousin Amina Limbada. She is an aspiring henna artist, learning something new with each individual that she works with. Pop her a follow and wonder in the designs;

These are pointers that may not become apart of your Christmas routine, but if they do – your existence on Earth will surely be a bit more simple. Please look out for our week of festive celebrations. We hope to see you next time :’)

– Love always, Sauda

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