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The Killing of Ke Dezemba.

The weather this week made me mad as hell. I was told that we’re in the month of December. In South Africa, that translates to: KE DEZEMBA, PEOPLE! 
Time to roll out of bed and put on arm bands! Time to get the braai smoke smell infused into our whole wardrobe! Time to get outside and in Durban, time to sweat!

Yet there we were, sitting with jerseys, staring at the grey weather outside. No one could believe this was December. I almost gave up trying to holiday and went back to work.

Beep beep plz move Dezemba was a lie I’m going back

Durban doesn’t have a ton of things going for it, but if there’s one thing we did have going for us, it was the weather.

“Africa’s playground,” they said.
“The hottest place to be,” they said.

So… what was that? Am I in the right country? Cold weather at the hottest time of the year? I just can hear my grandmother saying “Qayaamat aagaye.”

And I ask myself, “Well, IS IT the end of the world???” and then I take a couple rescue remedy and ignore scary realities like any normal adult would.

However, a bit of small talk with a certain Prof of Sciences had me a little… shook. I complained about the poor weather, in an attempt at general conversation, and his reply came as a pleasant opener.
He said (to paraphrase) that the earth has been through many different ages and states, and is continually changing. At one point, it faced an Ice Age, and at another, extreme heat. It’s natural that climates will change, but human interferance has definitely sped up the effects.

So there’s the thing I didn’t want to say this was about: climate change.
The cars, the factories, the waste.
We killed Dezemba, and now there’s nothing we can do about it.

But hey… even if it isn’t all our fault, we should absolutely do all that we can to slow it down. Tread gently upon the earth. Considering everything the earth has given us, returning the favour just seems to be… the polite thing to do.

Because actually, life is one huge Dezemba, and we’re just visitors here, after all.

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