Don’t talk to me – talk to my Basmati.

Let’s take a Lal Qilla Supreme Sella Indian Basmati Rice – and the bag it is presented in;

Hi there, Pls use me for fashun..

On the official Lal Qilla website, it states that the word ‘Basmati’ has a Hindi origin, meaning the ‘Queen of Fragrance’. The rice is produced in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. The website also states that the rice has a nut-like flavour.

Lal Qilla Brown Basmati is my favorite type of rice. Cooked al-dente, this rice really has the power to translate walls and furniture into a home. A happy home. My favorite element of this delicacy is the long, slender grains. I like my rice to stand tall between the aloo and gravy.

If you were to purchase a bag of Lal Qilla rice from Haribhai’s or Amazon, you would be adulting, but in a smart way. Forever more, you would have a cute carry-on bag, to take biscuits and cakes to the late night tea party, pertaining that these cakes may be thrown around a bit. The bag is not very big, but sturdy, and permits a medium sized Tupperwear.

What a magnificent invention recycling is. You may pay for the bag once, but you get to use it forever. I think I am going to take a bag of this rice and put it into a storage unit so that 50 years from now, I can whip it out and tell my grandchildren how bomb our rice was. And, well- give one of them this bag.

The bag, as a fashion statement, is a brave choice. And it’s not to say we should all grab basmati bags. Although if you do, we wouldn’t mind at all. The trick is to keep your eyes wide open. Survey the options of recyclable items, to use otherwise.

Don’t talk to me, talk to my Basmati

There is no set conventional idea of fashun, my loves. Sometimes you have to dig through the dirt at thriftshops, and sometimes you have to look closer at obvious items. And it is these choices that intrinsically make us who we are. There is no need for you to shop at a store when you can hand-select meaningful items. My Lal-Qilla bag speaks of my heritage as an individual, all without saying a word.

Similarly, one could grab a long Punjabi top and chop the bottom third off. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a flat sandal and we have effectively modernized our authentic attire.

It must be noted, for you Mom, that this is the very reason why I hoard.

Everything has potential to be re-defined!

Lal Qilla Supreme Sella Indian Basmati Rice retails for R159 for 5 kg’s of rice at Spice Emporium.

Love always,

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