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Sweet as Sherbet – An interview with Safiyyah Sujee.

At 25, she’s a qualified chartered accountant, content creator, media personality and one of the funniest brown girls around today – with a drive to create that never says no.
She won the Woman of Wonder award this year and has even performed stand up for Accidental Muslims!

If you type in “Safiyyah” into your Youtube search bar, she’s the number one suggestion.

Here she demonstrates the position in which she relieves gas.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, proud of myself for having eaten breakfast today.

How does Safiyyah Sujee do it?!
I cornered her in a dark alley and interviewed her, to find out.
(Okay actually I just interviewed her like a normal person)
So, here’s how it went:

Safiyyah tell me, exactly how many fields of specialty do you have?

Safiyyah: “I don’t think I have any specific field of specialty, I just like to do lots of little different things so you never get tired of one thing. I don’t put focus into one thing, but I’m into radio, writing, videos, accounting; constantly trying to learn new things.
I want to make my way into psychology as well.”

Studying to be a CA is a heavy task all on it’s own. 
How did you start making your way into creating content and becoming a media personality?

Safiyyah: “I think I was born with a drama streak! There’s no point where it actually started, it was always there – I just used the tools of the times to express it in the world.”

And how do you constantly keep coming up with such brilliant content?!

Safiyyah: “It depends. Sometimes it depends on what’s trending at the moment, but a lot of the time it’s just what’s in my day, or things that are relate-able or I feel that is a problem and needs to be addressed.”

Okay, so very often people are critical of content creators because, haters gonna’ hate, but also, any young brown girl will occasionally get tossed the question,
‘Who are YOU to be having such a voice.’

At TBGS we listen specifically for your voice and in listening to it, I want to know, what is your motivation for being a content creator. 
Why do you do it, what keeps you going?

Safiyyah: “It’s a two way street. I benefit, if someone laughed or found inspiration in something that I did. It makes people happy, and if I made someone else happy, that is gratification enough for me.”

So which of your pieces are you most proud of?

Safiyyah: “Definitely, ‘Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game.
It was a piece that was basically about telling aunties to stop bugging us about marriage, but it was done in a way that was completely filled with humour.”

And of all your achievements, which one are you most proud of?

Safiyyah: “Hmmm…
Once, I made a round roti.
No, it was the Woman of Wonder award that I won recently.
That, I didn’t expect at all, I didn’t know people saw me, I didn’t know they found anything inspiring, so that’s definitely something I was proud of.”

What is the best part about being an entertainer?

Safiyyah: “The gratification you get knowing that you made a difference and that you made someone else laugh. When people come to you, and tell you that you’ve made a difference. AND FREE STUFF!
Okay, not free stuff.”

(As the writer I’m going to come here and say she’s being nice.

Okay so what’s the worst part of being an entertainer?

Safiyyah: “I would say it’s… When you let people down. When you don’t realize the consequences of how what you’ve done could have affected someone.
You’ll always have haters, people that don’t like you, or people that don’t feel they can achieve the same who take it out on you.
You get people judging you, summing up your character on a portion of something they might have seen, that can be quite bad. ”

And how do you deal with it?

Safiyyah: “Look, hate is something that you should expect. Hate happens to everyone.
You can’t have everybody like you and everybody accept you, you have to just accept that it’s one of those things.”

So finally, of the characters we know and love your videos for – Goolam Bhai and Kulsum Bhen – which one do you relate to the most?

Safiyyah: “Goolam Bhai! He’s so chilled, he takes life as it comes, he gets bullied by people now and again but he’s so chilled and he throws some classic lines sometimes.
Kulsum Bhen is a bit too hot headed for me.”

Goolam Bhai in his natural habitat.

You can find  videos of Goolam Bhai and Kulsum Bhen and more of Safiyyah’s work on her instagram – @safhappens, or Facebook – Safiyyah Sujee. 

While we’re thrilled to have scored this interview with her, look out for Safiyyah Sujee being a regular feature on this site – “Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game” will be up on the site, next Saturday – so keep an eye out for it!

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