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Brown girl’s full face for under R200

My obsession with makeup came about when I discovered YouTube beauty gurus. Ignorant was I to the world of cut creases and strobing, when slapping on some BB cream and a swatch of lip balm was all I thought necessary. No more folks, no more.

As my obsession with makeup tutorials grew, I found myself falling asleep to the words of these self proclaimed beauty gurus, and I would wake up the next morning convincing myself that R800 for a liquid lip is a worthy investment. This was bad for both my student budget and my mental health. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources in South Africa and lack of funds in my bank account I am unable to stock up on Sephora’s best. I have to depend on my local Dischem store to satisfy my makeup cravings.


  1. Primer: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser @ R84 This product works well on mostly normal to dry skin types and allows for make up to last all day and provides a smooth surface and for foundation applcation.
  2. Colour correct: LA Girl pro conceal correctors @R59.99 Available in multiple shades (purple, orange, yellow, green and peach) to combat all types of skin discolouration and skin tones. I suggest applying this with a patting down motion with a finger or beauty blender and not using a brush.
  3. Concealer: Same as above babe. My faith in that R60 tube of makeup lives strong.
  4. Foundation: LA Girl HD Illuminating Foundation @ R175- Again, this will mostly work on girls with normal to dry skin. It can easily be compared to some high end foundations leaving you with great coverage and smooth skin. The foundation is extremely dewy so I usually go over it with a dab of powder to dim any shine.
  5. Eyebrows: (1) Essence Eyebrow Stylist @ R54, (2) Essence Eyebrow Designer @ R30 These two simple products are sufficient enough to land you some bomb-ass brows at an affordable price.
  6. Eyeshadow: LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow @ R99.99Guess who’s walking back to the LA Girl counter? Their eyeshadow palettes are an apt dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked range, swatch these in store and if you’re happy, you have an approval nod from me too.
  7. Eyeliner: (1) Essence long lasting eye pencil @ R29 (2) CatriceEye’matic dip liner @ R70These are both great products for the bottom and top lid but be sure to allow the Catrice dip liner sufficient time to dry before blinking.
  8. Mascara: Essence lash princess volume mascara @ R65- Tbh, if it wasn’t for the product alone, I’d buy this just for the packaging. Cute AF.
  9. Contour & Highlight: Back at it again with them LA Girl Pro conceal productsSimply get 2 shades darker than your skin tone for contour, and 2 shades lighter for highlight and blend, blend, blend.
  10. Blush & Highlight: (1) Essence blush range @ R50-65 (2) LA Girl Brick Blush @ R99.99-With these products you need to physically test them out to decide if you’re happy with them. I suggest swatching the range and seeing which textures and shades you’re happy with.
  11. Powder: LA Girl pro powder @ R60- I usually shy away from powders due to how expensive they are…but this product doesn’t hurt my wallet and if applied only to crease prone areas doesn’t interfere with my foundation application. So bake away girl!
  12. Lips: (1) Rimmel stay matte liquid lip @ R109 (2) Essence matt matt lipstick @ R50- Yes, matte lippies still seem to be VERY in. If you are someone who enjoys a good matte lip, you’d appreciate the shades and formula of these two products.

I’ve discovered that despite our lack of resources and limited budgets, we do have a few gems available to us to help us create our desired look. It may take a few trips to our local drugstores and scavenging through the aisles but with some patience and many many MANY swatches we could even leave some YouTube beauty gurus, shook.

Please enjoy these hella awkward makeup guru pictures I attempted (and failed at) to showcase the results of some of these products!

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