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Microlighting our way through the northern shores – Shahnaaz takes to the skies!

Photo 2015-12-31, 10 35 01 AM

A “Microlight” is the term used to describe aviation using a lightweight aircraft. Adventure seekers jump onto a 2-person seated open aired mini aircraft that roughly resembles a Mario Kart with wings. Accompanied by your pilot, you travel through the air over lush greens and oceanic views. This activity may be fairly familiar to some or completely foreign to many, so let’s sit down and chat and you can decide if it’s worth adding onto your to-do list.

Earlier this year I went on my first microlight using the services of the ‘’Ballito Microlight School’’ (they had a website so they must have been legit right? Just casually trusting my life away based on average web design).

Photo 2015-12-31, 10 25 14 AM

I’d be lying if I said my experience was exhilarating or that it stimulated the rush of adrenaline through my body. If you’re anything like me and you enjoy serenity and constant reminders of how to appreciate life then this experience is worth the price.

Gliding over the Indian Ocean and experiencing marine life from a bird’s eye perspective made me forget the stresses and discomforting feelings that my awkward self faced, back down on land. Trying to recollect my thoughts during those 20 minutes I remember experiencing the fear of falling to my death, an appreciation for aerospace engineering and the realization of the beauty, innocence and purity that can be found in nature; and then, pondering the question of how I can take this realization to be grateful for what I have, rather than being fixated on those stresses and lack of comfort I often complain about. I can’t promise you the same feelings or experiences, but I can guarantee that you will feel something. What you turn that something into is completely up to you.Photo 2015-12-31, 10 40 29 AM

Departure is located off Esenembe Road, approximately an hour away from Durban CBD and 40 minutes from uMhlanga. This is not the sole company offering this service; there are a variety of companies in and around Ballito offering the same experience with different packages. The price of such an activity varies from company to company and will depend on the time and route you choose. After gathering information from the various companies available, below is an average estimate of how much you need to budget for each package:

10 minutes @ R300-450: Fly over sugar cane fields with views of the ocean.

20 minutes @ R450-600: Fly over sugar cane fields and the Indian Ocean with views of marine life.

30 minutes @ R650-750: Fly over sugar cane fields, the Indian Ocean and greater vicinity areas such as Ballito, uMhlali and Salt Rock.

If you can afford the time and price tag to take on such a venture, I’d highly recommend it.

Pros: once in a life time opportunity, many feels to experience and awesome Instagram pictures.
Cons: possible death, but as my fellow millennials would embarrassingly say, YOLO.

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