Editor’s Note


“No solo de pan vive el hombre”

DSC_0010“It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”
– Matthew 4:4:

A note from the Editor

We are grateful to exist today by the grace of that which lets things come to be.
If there is one thing that carries us through everything, let it be gratitude.
Let us be grateful for what has passed, and gracious in what is yet to come.

There are brown three girls who run of this publication, Sauda, Shahnaaz, and me – Husnaa.  Let us not fool you into thinking of us as fancy pants writers – no my dear, we are basic bananas; but we are basic bananas who have come together to create an organisation that is all about sharing and promoting the wonderful being that is the brown girl, and discussing the issues and interests that are specific to her and other minorities.

We are brown girls, with a voice.
Our voices speak for you, the minorities, our readers, and for those who came before us who had no voice at all. We’re going to speak our minds and rant and rave about what needs to be ranted and raved about; and we’re going to be silly and serious and most of all – we’re going to be spectacular.

“Pompous little girl, aren’t you?”

Have you ever even heard a brown song?
We are all about singing for ourselves!

Because ourselves is bigger than just the three of us.
Ourselves, includes you – beautiful brown girl,
Ecstatic, emotional, and endless.

Today we see each other, we support each other, and we celebrate our existence.

Say with me,

Long live The Brown Girl Society,
and may it enable us to fill the world with the flowers of wonder that only a brown girl can offer.

Dear Brown Girl,
You are the way forward.

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